Hello, my name is Marcus!


I am a huge roller coaster/water slide enthusiast and love to travel. I do not travel very often, but when I do I always bring my camera just in case something I like pops up.
I have only traveled to three places internationally: Mexico, The Bahamas, and Dubai.


This is the simple website that I have always wanted so I can show off my work. Currently I have a Photo Index with photos I have taken of many places I have recently visited. Below and above you can find links to my YouTube Channel to see my videos, my Twitter link so you can follow me, and my Vimeo Channel where I keep some other random videos you might not see on YouTube. I have also implemented a NoLimits page above to showcase my work in NoLimits coaster simulation software. Feel free to take a look around. There might be more pages available eventually.

Click here to see my Photo Index!

I also run a website called Water Slide Database. I hope to travel to different water parks so I can post reviews and pictures of them.

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